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Cardboard Animal Picnic

DSC_0192April 6, 2013

As a precursor to Neighbor Day, April 27th we created the Cardboard Animal Picnic to get people in the spirit of meeting their neighbors in Downtown and all around town. We also wanted to promote public art and get people to join in on an activity where they could make something and add it to the park grounds.

Main Street Garden, one of Dallas’s newest parks, is a pretty good public space, but we want it to turn into a GREAT public space. So we thought of it not just as a park, but as a living playground area where you can go, play, and interact with the wild life (pun intended).

We partnered with Downtown Dallas Inc. and we challenged them not to turn this into a permitted event. Not to set up any sound equipment or schedule any vendors, but to just use the resources we had available.

It was great! People used the park as it was, they met their neighbors, made new friends, and ate at the park’s restaurant the Rusty Taco. We took a bunch of cardboard to a park in Downtown Dallas and allow people to define their own fun! No permits, no money, just an idea and some friends.

Cardboard Animal Picnic

Event Images
Cardboard Animal Picnic 

Event Video
Cardboard Animal Picnic // FRIENDS OF LIVING PLAZA // Main Street Garden


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