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GOOD Neighborday


April 27, 2013

Neighborday is a global event being put on by

We’re joining in on the fun and are helping to promote this awesomeness of a day, which poses the question: How can we get to know our neighbors?

From big to small, potlucks, block parties, floor meet-ups, art projects, what-evs, think of a fun activity/activities you can do to practice the art of neighboring and go out and do it on April 27th. Share your ideas and document how you’re celebrating on Instagram and Twitter with #Neighborday. You can also join us on our facebook event page to get the latest ideas and news for the upcoming event. Let’s be neighbors!

Event Videos
You Know These Neighbors, Get To Know Yours ON Neighborday

Support Materials
Neighborday Manifesto: Because We’re Better Together
This Is Neighborday: Step-by-Step Neighborday Guide for putting on your own event
Your Neighborday Toolkit is Here 

Map of Neighborday Celebrations
How Are You Celebrating?

Neighborday Challenge
Let’s make a Neighborday Documentary Together 



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