Revolutionary Pants

An Urban Laboratory for Creating Communities and Reimagining the Human Habitat


REVOLUTIONARY PANTS is a nonprofit dedicated to creating communities and reimagining the human habitat in Dallas, Texas. Formed in June 2012, Revolutionary Pants is a creative DIY-urbanism team that has been pushing the boundaries of community-led urbanism in the city. They are known for their public spaces project, Friends of Living Plaza, community engagement/skills sharing system through the Dallas Neighborhood Time Bank, and support for others’ creative projects.

The origin of the name
One day we we planning for Living Plaza and one of our collaborators was scheduling the next LP planning meeting, as she was typing it into her smart phone she said, “next Friday, at four, meeting with my revolutionary friends.” We heard “Revolutionary Pants” and it stuck! It symbolizes the fun and excitement with which we approach the world and a go-getter philosophy for going out and doing stuff.

Amanda Popken, Executive Director

Executive Director, Amanda Popken


Amanda’s obsessed with cities & community revitalization. She designing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Psychology of Cultural Paradigms, studying people and cities in Costa Rica, China, Venezuela, and all over Europe. Then attained a Masters in City and Regional Planning from the University of Texas in Arlington, emphasizing in Environmental Policy & Sustainability. At the City of Dallas, working in the Office of Economic Development, her focus is on making cities more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. Revolutionary Pants is a vehicle for ┬ácollaboration with the people who love Dallas and are working to make it a more livable city. The great potential of a city can only come into reality through the life infused by the people who inhabit it.

amanda [at]

Board of Directors
Dianne Popken, Secretary
Tisha Crear
Rafael Tamayo
Barry Binder

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