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Friends of Living Plaza

Living Plaza MAY 16 2012_revised

May 25, 2012

Friends of Living Plaza is a community organization that was created May 25, during the second season the Living Plaza events at Dallas City Hall.

Living Plaza, an event developed through a collaboration between Team Better Block and CityDesign Studio, and funded by an NEA our town grant, was meant to active our desolate City Hall Plaza by providing basis place-making elements like tables and chairs, food, and entertainment to attract people to the plaza during lunchtime. The first Living Plaza was held April 27, 2011 and was followed by events June 8, July 13, August 10, September 14, and October 19.

The second season of Living Plaza events was a collaboration between Amanda Popken, an Economic Development Analyst at City Hall, Patrick McDonnell, Intern at the Design Studio, and Tisha Crear, Project Manager at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center. They were funded through the Community Artist Program (CAP), a City of Dallas grant program through the Office of Cultural Affairs. Inviting community artists and adding themes to each of the Living Plaza added a whole new flavor to the event and broadened the audience to incorporate Downtowner participation.

As we move into season three of Living Plazas, we are funding each of the event independently of City Hall, and are moving them to nights and weekends to make them more accessible to a wider audience of Downtowners.

Friends of Living Plaza exists under the Rev Pants umbrella, but we’re treating it as a stand alone entity that has the potential to spin-off into its own thing.




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