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February 22, 2013 |  Patrick MCDONNELL

We believe in open-sourcing everything, so we wanted to share this list of links which represent our friends, people, organizations, businesses and various other ventures around Dallas, the Country and the World with whom we are connected.

This is not a vanity project or act of self aggrandizement. It is a tool for other people to take and use. Caution, please use wisely and responsibly. If you don’t it’ll bite you in the butt – just sayin’

We also want encourage you to go out and meet people. A lot of the people and organizations here are folks that we’ve met at conferences, at lectures, just emailed, facebooked or tweeted. We’ve also met people at social gatherings, happy hours, birthday parties, block parties, frequenting places and so on.

In order to meet folks you have to be out there, and go to events, often, and go to events of people whom you want to meet. It’s not stalking, it’s networking. We do it, and you should too. Bottom line: If you want to meet somebody, meet them. HINT: Get them out of the boring office! Go have a coffee or lunch, share an experience and do it on neutral ground.

We are publishing this list because we have been asked to. The links on this list are all people who we’ve met, have personal connections with and can reach out to easily. There are a number of others organizations doing great and related work we just haven’t gotten to know you yet. Additional listings are welcome by suggestion, which can be emailed to contact[at]



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