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Living Plaza Season 3

May 22, 2012 – August 23, 2012 The third season of Living Plaza is about creating traditions. After two seasons, we have re-thought the experience again. This year we’re changing … Continue reading

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GOOD Neighborday

April 27, 2013 Neighborday is a global event being put on by We’re joining in on the fun and are helping to promote this awesomeness of a day, which … Continue reading

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Cardboard Animal Picnic

April 6, 2013 As a precursor to Neighbor Day, April 27th we created the Cardboard Animal Picnic to get people in the spirit of meeting their neighbors in Downtown and … Continue reading

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T-shirt Appreciation Give Away

March 1, 2013 On February 13, 2013 we announced the T-shirt Appreciation Give Away. We want to show our gratitude for all of our wonderful supporters, so we gave away … Continue reading

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Festivus of Lights

December 28, 2012  The Festivus of Lights was our own holiday celebration out on the City Hall plaza through Friends of Living Plaza. We invited people out to plaza to … Continue reading

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Yells at Eels Fundraiser Concert

  Dec 3, 2012 The day after successfully tilting our Crowdtilt fundraiser, we threw a concert with father/son jazz trio Yells at Eels. Forty-six people funded $2,051 to help us … Continue reading

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Busking Day

November 24, 2012 – March 9, 2013  Busking, the legal term for street performing, is not something that people are used to seeing in Downtown Dallas. It’s totally legal (Section … Continue reading

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Design Like You Give a Damn: Live 2012

  November 13, 2012 Rev Pants went to San Francisco to present at Architecture for Humanity’s Design Like You Give A Damn: Live. We were invited to speak as one … Continue reading

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Revolutionary Nonprofit Fundraiser

November 3, 2012 We looked to our friends and the power of crowd-funding to raise money so we could fund the cost of filing our 501(c)3 non-profit status, as well … Continue reading

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Chalk-tober Fest

October 21, 2012 Sidewalk Chalk. October. Chalk-tober! One day we went out to Pegasus Plaza and wrote inspirational chalkings-of-joy on the sidewalk with chalk. What we thought was a fairly … Continue reading

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